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Alcohol Related Birth Injury (FAS/FAE) Resource Site

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We offer information about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Alcohol Related Birth Injury in a format designed for quick access to information you require and quick access to links of many related sites.

This site will also provide comprehensive information on the Local Resource Network available in Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta for children and families affected by Alcohol Related Birth Injuries. New listings will be added regularly so visit often!

It takes a community to support a woman in her efforts not to drink and it takes a community to support children affected by alcohol before birth. These children suffer growth problems, intellectual impairment and behavioral problems. Many are unable to remain with their parents. They can be found with extended family, in foster care, placed for adoption and, in time if left to flounder, in courtrooms or in jails or on the streets alone and in danger.

Each move in an affected child's life will mean new schools, new family and new communities and may herald untold stress for all. Moves are often sudden and unplanned. This could be called "THE PARACHUTE PHENOMENON": a child with many special needs appearing as if out of nowhere. Many children have yet to be diagnosed. When the child arrives or the diagnosis is suspected, families and service providers need to learn quickly where and how to obtain support. We hope this site will provide you with direction for obtaining the resources you require.

This site has been generously funded by grants from:
Alberta Family and Social Services
The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Coordination Committee of Lethbridge

* We have intentionally chosen the word injury over the more medical term defect to remind us all of our responsibility in aiding these children who would otherwise have been born perfectly normal.

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